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Why Might Short Term Self-Storage Be a Good Option?

A lot of homeowners and businesses use self-storage to keep their belongings safe. However, self-storage isn’t just a long-term solution. Short term self-storage is a great way to take some of the stress out of all kinds of difficult moves, renovations and unexpected circumstances. Whether you store items for a few weeks or a few months, a storage unit can help you declutter your home or garden. With the clutter gone, you will have more space to think clearly when tackling a house move, redecoration or renovation project. So, what are some situations where short term self-storage can help you?

When Can Short Term Self-Storage Help?

Short term self-storage is one great way to take the stress out of a house move. You might be downsizing, or perhaps you just haven’t yet decided what furniture to keep. Whatever the reasons, having a place to keep furniture throughout a house move can cut down on clutter. The same goes for painting, decorating and renovation projects. Storing your furniture out of the way will make life much easier, and even speed up the job.

Perhaps your son or daughter is off to university? This may mean buying them new furniture. But, during the summer holidays, they might move back home. Short term self-storage will give you a place to store all of this additional furniture over the summer months, leaving your home free of student mess. This kind of short-term storage is also great for people travelling for a season.

If your home has a beautiful garden, it’s likely that you also have lots of garden furniture or equipment. You probably get a lot of use out of these in the summer, but in the winter, they may sit unused and exposed to the elements. Renting self-storage over winter for your finest garden furniture, tools and equipment is a great way to keep them safe.

There are of course more stressful times when short term self-storage may help you. A divorce or separation can mean moving home. A storage unit can help you keep belongings together, and make moving easier.

Finally, a bereavement can mean coming into possession of your loved one’s items. You are likely to want to keep them, but you may not have space at home to store them safely. Renting one of our small storage units from St John’s Hall Storage will give you a place to keep them secure.

Safe, Secure Storage from St John’s Hall Storage

Whether you require short-term or long-term storage, St John’s Hall Storage will offer you peace of mind. We offer cost-effective, convenient and safe storage options. CCTV and alarm systems keep our storage units secure night and day, whilst vehicle access makes dropping off all kinds of items and furniture easy.

Whatever your self-storage needs, let us help you. Contact St John’s Hall Storage today to discuss the storage options available to you.

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