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What is Self-Storage?

If you are looking at our storage facilities in Beccles and wondering if they are suitable for you, you may be asking; “What exactly is self-storage?”. More people are using offsite storage facilities as a place to keep personal objects that they are unable to keep at home. This can be for several reasons, from lack of space, to changes at home, to just being a convenient place to store items when not in use. So, who are the people and businesses that use self-storage, and why do they use it? Here are some of the top examples that illustrate what self-storage is used for and why you should consider our storage facilities in Beccles for your items.

Who Uses Self-Storage?

People who use self-storage can come from a range of backgrounds:

  • Those living in apartments who do not have much free space.
  • People looking for a temporary storage solution whilst renovating their home.
  • People who need a place to store items whilst moving house.
  • Small businesses who need extra storage space for stock and paperwork.
  • Collectors of valuable objects who need a secure storage space.
  • Travellers who need a place to keep items safe whilst away.
  • People who need a place to store items whilst decluttering their home.
  • Those who need somewhere to store items in case of emergencies.

These are just some of the people that can benefit from using storage.

Reasons For Using Self-Storage

These are the main reasons why people use our storage in Beccles:

Lack of Space

The more items we accumulate over the years, the less space we have available to store them. While we may be able to sell off or throw away some items, there are occasions where we want or need to keep things. Self-storage provides an easy solution for keeping items safe whilst freeing up space in the home.

Moving and Renovating

Perhaps you require somewhere temporary to safely store your furniture whist building a new extension. Or perhaps you need to move out of your current home and need a place to store everything until you find a new one. Self-storage provides the best solution in these scenarios.

Changes in the Family

Perhaps you have a baby on the way and need space for nursery furniture, or children have gone away to university and you want to use the extra space. Self-storage helps you temporarily store furniture and other items until they are needed again, so you can make the most of the space in your home.

Tools and Machinery

If you are carrying out painting, building, gardening, or any other manual labour and need somewhere to store tools, then self-storage is a perfect solution. Just drop them off and pick them up whenever needed.

Office Space

Small businesses may have limited storage space for their equipment and stock. Self-storage provides a safe and secure solution that allows businesses to declutter and expand.

St John’s Hall Storage in Beccles

At St John’s Hall Storage in Beccles, we provide safe and secure storage services for clients throughout Suffolk and Norfolk. Our self-storage units are easy to access, competitively priced, and offer secure facilities for your possessions throughout the year. To find out more about the solutions we offer, call us, or complete our online form. For high quality self-storage solutions, contact St John’s Hall Storage today.

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