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10 Business Benefits of Warehousing

Warehousing your stock can benefit your business in a number of ways. Many businesses choose warehouse storage as it improves productivity, lowers costs and makes inventory management easier. Read on to discover ten benefits of warehousing for your business.

1. Storage

Space may be limited at your workplace, and excess stock can take up a lot of useful real estate. Keeping your surplus goods in warehouse storage will free up vital space for other purposes.

2. Production Support

By forming a partnership with a warehouse storage facility, you can keep stock stored safely away until needed. Once you require an item, you can quickly recall it from the warehouse facility. This helps to cut down on production lead times as all stock will be ready for ordering.

3. Security

Warehousing your stock will keep it safe from any vandals or thieves. At St John’s Hall Storage, our warehouse storage facilities are kept secure with alarms and a DualCom connection to a central alarm monitoring station. Our 24-hour security systems also include CCTV. So, you can rest assured that your products are kept completely secure.

4. Lower Risk

When stock is moved around it can easily become damaged. Even when sitting in your distribution facility, it is still at risk of becoming damaged or lost. Holding your stock in warehouse storage will ensure it is kept safe and secure until needed.

5. Expansion Opportunities

Storing surplus stock and materials on site could restrict your business from expanding. By keeping excess stock in a warehouse, you are better able to use your space for making new products or improving current ones.

6. Packing and Shipping

Not only can warehouses keep your inventory safe, but they can also locate, pack and ship off items on your behalf. They can also conduct management of your inventory, saving you time and resources.

7. Price Stabilisation

By keeping excess stock in warehouse storage when demand is low, you can help make sure that prices remain stable. Once demand picks up you will have a steady supply of stock on hand, which will allow you to better predict and respond to the market.

8. Financial Benefits

There are various ways in which warehousing can help to reduce costs. For example, you may be able to borrow money against the security of your warehouse stock. At the same time, some warehouses will allow you to pay customs duty on goods proportionally, which helps keep costs under control.

9. Spot Stocking

One advantage of using warehouse storage for seasonal products is that you can temporarily use several warehouse locations, enabling you to store goods close to key market areas. This helps reduce transport time and costs, making it much easier to meet demand.

10. Latest Technology

At St John’s Hall Storage, we use the latest in Warehouse Management Software to provide our customers with the ability to view stock figures live over the internet. This seamless link between our warehouse and your stock levels allows for real-time stock control. So, you can stay on top of your inventory levels and locations at all times.

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